It started in my college days.
I began doodling a sort of visual diary/comic strip to record my thoughts, moods and random snippets from my life. I eventually decided to collect all these strips, draw them up nice, call them "From Nothing" and publish them as a weekly webcomic. Since the ideas were originally meant for my eyes only it was pretty cool hearing people's reactions and interpretations. But after one year the responsibilities of life demanded that I focus on other things and I stopped producing new content. ...But there's still so much more to say, so who can say what the future holds, y'know?
FNL_Animals copy.jpg
FNL_BeStill copy.jpg
FNL_Bubbles copy.jpg
FNL_Coffee copy.jpg
FNL_ContraMundum copy.jpg
FNL_Dreamer copy.jpg
FNL_Flick copy.jpg
FNL_Sinking copy.jpg
FNL_Sunset copy.jpg
FNL_Sweater copy.jpg
FNL_TongueSpark copy.jpg
FNL_ThankYou copy.jpg
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