I landed my first professional gig drawing Vampirella for Harris Comics. From there I moved on to DC, Marvel, and Dark Horse Comics over the years, working on such titles as Team Titans, Anima, Mister Miracle, Cable, Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, and Star Wars: Episode 1. Tucked in there somewhere was a short stint drawing the daily Rugrats syndicated strip for Nickelodeon.

I managed to dig a few boxes out of the garage, and post a few images to give you an idea of my work. Not every title is represented here, but it should be enough to give you an idea of what I did.

MISTER MIRACLE- I was always a big fan of Jack Kirby, so when I was contacted by DC Comics to be the penciler for another go at the title, I snagged it. Unfortunately, it was fairly short lived as each of Mister Miracle’s incarnations seem to be. ...Ah well. It was fun, though.


STAR WARS- Working on the Star Wars titles was probably the most difficult of all the comic work I’ve done. It was super reference intensive, and working on all those TIE fighters, X-Wing fighters, stormtroopers ad nauseum- not to mention the plethora of aliens, space ships, and various architectures- made for some mighty late nights indeed. ...But, looking back it was fun, and I am satisfied with the results.

RUGRATS- Here’s the story behind the Rugrats strip. It is actually kind of funny: While working at Marvel Comics and Dark Horse Comics simultaneously (not recommended), I was contacted by a friend who worked at Nickelodeon. He was looking for illustrators who’d be interested in trying out for the daily Rugrats syndicated strip which Nick was looking to launch. I remember my first question was, “What is a Rugrat?”, and after some discussion I told him thanks but there was no way I could take more work. I don’t know how, but somehow he got me to give him some samples. So, I sent them in, and thought nothing more of it. Two weeks later my friend called and told me the job was mine, and I was going to California for official Rugrat training.
Needless to say I was swamped. But soon my work for Marvel was done, and after a few months I left Nickelodeon. BUT, some time later when my wife and I were expecting our first, and the time came for me to find an out-of-house job, I dug through my pockets and found the number to my official Rugrat trainer in California, and in just a few weeks I was at Nick as an in-house character illustrator.
So, I guess the moral of the story is... uhh... never throw out phone numbers of people who train you in California. Or... maybe it’s always take more work than you can handle. I don’t know. You’ll figure it out.